Sausages: An Improv Game

1 min readAug 20, 2017


The Improv game I am most proud of creating.

Come watch our shows —and see how we play it.

How To Play

One player takes a step forward as the ‘active player’. The remaining players line up behind, and the host calls a word — say, ‘Sausages’.

The remaining players go up to the active player and try make him or her laugh by asking questions; to which the active player can only reply ‘Sausages’. If they succeed, they replace the active player.


How It Works

I have no idea.

Technically, it’s a punchline game — every other player is writing a joke with the same punchline. What actually happens is a ridiculous assortment of different joke formats — puns, mondegreens, spoonerisms, bilingual puns, and so on.

My favourite recaps:

The word is ‘Vending Machine’: If the father is called a ‘Vending Pa-chine’, what is the mother called?

The word is ‘Tuba’: In the song ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’, how many Baas does it take before you reach ‘Black Sheep’?

Any word: What kind of porn do you enjoy watching?




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